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Trek insurance is a type of travel insurance specifically designed to cover the risks that come during trekking. This means that trekkers are covered for their regular travel-related issues, and specific risks associated with trekking are also included. With the increased interest in trekking activities, adventure insurance in India is readily available.

Trekking insurance mainly covers emergency or medical expenses, evacuation, loss or damage of equipment, and cancellation related issues.

Why Trek Insurance Is Must?

The reason behind this insurance is that it will protect you from emergencies. For reference, if we trek towards a high-altitude zone, there are chances of altitude mountain sickness, HAPE, or HACE. So, to protect you from these emergencies, insurance is a must.

What is covered in trek insurance?

Trek insurance covers different issues related to trekking.

Some basic or common problems which are included are as follows:

  • Evacuation from medical emergency:

It covers transportation related expenses if you want to reach the nearest medical facility in case of any severe injury or illness during trekking or mountain climbing.

  • Surgery due to accidents:

One of the benefits is that it covers surgical procedures that may be necessary due to accidents or injuries sustained during your mountaineering or other trekking related activities.

  • Hospital visits in case of emergency:

The charges related to emergency hospital visits, including medical treatment, tests, and other necessary services, are also included in trek insurance.

  • Expenses related to repatriation:

It is also covered if you return to your home country in case of severe or high risk injuries requiring proper care.

  • Covers the loss of baggage or other personal items :

One of the essential features is that it covers personal belongings that are lost, stolen, or damaged, including equipment used for trekking and climbing.

  • Gadgets that are lost and stolen during trekking:

It is a unique feature of insurance because it covers specifically the loss or theft of electronic devices and gadgets, such as cameras, smartphones, or other technology equipment.

  • Conditions related to delay and missing of flight:

It covers additional expenses if you miss your connecting flights due to delays or disruptions caused by weather and other unwanted conditions during your trekking journey.

  • The main point you must focus on when planning a hiking or trekking adventure is carefully reviewing your insurance policy to ensure that it covers all the necessary aspects and meets your requirements. 

Some of the essential coverages should be checked by you, which must be included in your trek insurance:

  • Insurance related to the cancellation of the trip :

The main feature is that it safeguards you if you or your fellow travelers cancel, interrupt, or delay your trip. Put, travel cancellation insurance covers any disruptions encountered during your journey.

  • Insurance related to medical travel:

During the trek, it offers protection if you fall ill or sustain any injuries. If you experience a sickness or injury during your journey, it also helps you track suitable doctors, hospitals, and healthcare facilities. Mainly, it is based on your insurance package, which you have opted for.

  • Insurance related to emergency medical evacuation:

It should be your top priority whenever you seek trek insurance. The reason behind this insurance is that It provides you with financial protection for medically necessary evacuation and transportation to medical facilities.

  • The critical point is finding insurance coverage at high altitude ranges, about 6,000 meters or above sea level. Some popular treks like Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp mainly occur at a height of 4,000 meters above sea level, so trek insurance is helpful in that case.

Where it does not apply:

Based on the quality of any of the insurance, it is expected that it will not cover the injuries that happen when a trekker consumes toxic substances like drugs and alcohol.

Some common incidents where trek insurance is not applied:

  • It is not covered if you are suffering from a disease or any pre-existing injuries.
  • This policy does not cover if you intentionally harm yourself and suffer due to your wrongdoing. 
  • You are also excluded from this policy if you are engaged in illegal activities or other dangerous or extreme sports.
  • Losses or injuries resulting from alcohol or drug use are not eligible for coverage.
  • Negligence or reckless behavior leading to the incident is not included in the policy.
  • Travel to countries or regions under travel advisories or deemed unsafe is not covered.
  • Injuries during a war or other issues related to political unrest are also excluded from the policy. 
  • It is also excluded if you trek at an over-limit high altitude beyond the policy. Participation in professional or organized sports events needs to be covered.
  • If you suffer injuries or losses due to any of the mental conditions or other psychological disorders, they are also not included in the policy. 

What is the cost of trek insurance?

  • Mainly, the cost of the trek is based on the length of the trek, and also, it is based on the duration of the trek. If you choose for a longer trek, it incurs higher insurance.
  • The number of trekkers also impacts the cost. Choosing group plans also changes the rates, which differ from the individual coverage.
  • The age-related factor also plays a vital role in determining the premium insurance. So, the cost varies according to different ages.
  • The total cost of the insurance plan is also impacted by the benefits covered in the insurance plan. And overall, it impacts the pricing structure of the plan.
  • If you choose a high-elevation trek, the risk associated with this trek influences the insurance cost.
  • The challenging terrain, the remote locations, or exposure to extreme weather conditions also impacts the insurance prices.
  • If you add other benefits or, in other words, if you customize your plan, it also affects the final cost of the insurance.

Gaumukh Tapovan Trek Insurance | Everest Base Camp Trek Insurance India

How can you claim trek insurance?

It is one of the issues faced by the trekker. So, for your help, we have made a simple guide for this:

Review Your Policy

  • It is one of the essential parts where you have to thoroughly understand the trekking policy and know what the policy covers or not. So, for this, you have to read the terms and conditions of the procedure for which you are planning.
  • Reach out to your insurance provider: If you face any loss or lousy incident, you must contact the insurance provider promptly. They’ll guide you through the claim process and provide the necessary forms and instructions.
  • Document the incidents with you: You must gather all the information and documents related to your applied claim. It might include:
  • Reports related to incidents
  • Your medical information or records
  • Any receipts or bills 
  • Photos or any proof that supports your claim. 
  • Make sure you have enough evidence to back up your case.

Forms that are related to filling a claim

You must carefully and accurately fill out the forms that the insurance provider provides. For this, you must include all the necessary details like your personal info, policy info, and a description of what has happened to you, which is supported by documents as proof.

Valid documents which are to be attached 

The following documents are commonly used regarding your claim:

  • Medical bills
  • Flight Details
  • Police reports
  • Proof of ownership
  • Relevant paperwork: Includes Aadhar Card, PAN card, Nominee Form, or other face ID.
  • You have to keep copies of everything for your records.

Follow-up from policy provider

You must contact your insurance company and check the progress regarding your claim. An important point is that you have to note down the records regarding all of the communication, like the dates, the names of people with whom you have talked, and any promises made by the company. 

As a final thought, it’s crucial to remember that insurance is necessary for any trekking expedition, be it in hilly or jungle terrain. It will equip you with the confidence, financial protection, and support required to cope with any emergencies that may arise during your trekking journey.

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