Experience a unique blend of pilgrimage and adventure on our inspiring yatras. These journeys combine spiritual significance with breathtaking natural beauty. Travel along ancient routes, visit sacred sites, and connect with your inner self. Our yatras cater to various religious and cultural backgrounds, offering a profound and enriching experience.

5 days


Gaumukh Yatra – All details, dates, itinerary, cost & More

Adi Kailash Parvat

7 Days

On Demand

Adi Kailash & Om Parvat Yatra – All Details, Itinerary, Cost

Char Dham Yatra

10 Days

On Demand

Char Dham Yatra Trek | Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri & Yamunotri

Kedarnath Temple

4 Days


Kedarnath Yatra 2024 | Complete Guide, Cost, Itinerary

Kedarnath Temple

11 Days


Panch Kedar Trek, Uttarakhand | Complete Guide