Frozen Gui Lake On Dayara Bugyal Trek

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You must have heard about the frozen lake during Kedarkantha, Kauri Pass, or Brahmatal Trek. But have you ever heard about the frozen lake on Dayara Bugyal Trek? This alpine lake is famously known as Gui Lake or Gui Tal. It is a twin frozen lake situated at an altitude of 2964 m in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. The larger one has a length of about 20 meters and the smaller one is 15 meters in length.

Why To Look For Gui Lake?

For people fond of natural landscapes like mountain peaks and forests, you can get all these experiences in Gui Lake Hike. From there you get a perfect view of Srikanth Peak, Draupadi Ka Danda, Bandarpunch and Gangotri’s 1,2,3 peaks.

Bandarpuch From Gui

Why is Gui Lake important for locals and its ecology?

During monsoon season, Lake provides shelter to the local sheep herders. These locals shift from Raithal to Gui and the surrounding area for a temporary settlement. The temporary settlement is known as Channi, and these are made of wood and stone, which locals use as a shelter to protect them from winds and rain. Channi also provides shelter to newborn lambs and other cattle. The lake provides nourishment to animals that are found near this area. Basically, during the summer season, these herders are dependent on this lake, and it provides a grazing ground for their animals also.

Flora And Fauna In Gui Lake

Gui Lake is surrounded by maple, oak, and rhododendrons. Also, near Lake, you can find several varieties of birds. In the branches of maple and oak, you can also find the state bird of Uttrakhand, the Monal

Day Hike To Gui Lake

If you are around Raithal, Harshil, or Uttarkashi and planning a day hike, then the Gui Lake hike can be an option for you.

Uttarkashi To Raithal 

  • Drive Distance: 42.6 Km
  • Drive Duration: 1hr 30 min

From Raitahl To Gui

  • Trek Distance: 8 km 
  • Trek Duration: 4 to 5 hours ascend, Around 2 hours descend 
  • Altitude Gain: 7142 ft to 9630 ft.

Important Points

  • Keep adequate water, snacks, and food with you.
  • At Gui snack points are also available. If you plan to spend your night there then you can stay at the local Channi at a rate of Rs 500 per night.
  • It is mandatory for trekkers to have a forest permit. You can get this permit at a checkpoint near Dayara Bugyal or we can also help you get it. The cost of the permit is about Rs 200 to 300 a person.
  • Documents Required: Aadhar Card or any other government ID.

In conclusion, Gui Lake is a perfect hike for beginners who want to experience their first Himalayan adventure. Remember that you must carry the documents required during permit checks.

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