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The Everest Base Camp (EBC) Trek is one of the most popular treks in the world. Located in the Nepal Himalayas at 5,364 meters, this trek has some challenges and adventures and if you are a beginner, it might be more challenging. But there are some preparatory methods and plans that will lead you to the Himalayas with no hassle.

Considering the route, distance, and weather conditions, there are some aspects where you should be prepared before the trek. Let’s explore them in detail below:

Everest Base Camp Difficulty Level

If you are looking up to the nature of this trek including physical, mental, gear, and equipment requirements, Everest Base Camp Trek is a difficult trek. This trek requires a high level of physical fitness, mental preparedness, and gears, but beginner trekkers can still complete this trek safely with the help of professional guides. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you must be prepared with all the trekking aspects and listen to your guide’s instructions to make this trek enjoyable and safe.

Here are some preparations to go before starting your Everest Base Camp Trek:

Preparation Needed For Everest Base Camp Trek

Physical and Mental Preparation

Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary consists of a daily hike ranging from 6 to 7 hours. To tackle the physical challenges, it’s recommended to have a sound physical condition.

One can go through altitude training, cardiovascular exercises, and short hikes to prepare themselves. You can also work out in gyms, and go cycling to enhance your physical strength. Having strength, endurance, and stamina will certainly minimize the risk of altitude sickness and any physical injuries.

Preparation with Gear for EBC Trek

To start with, you must pack a pair of hiking boots with a strong grip and ankle support. Also, you must carry trekking poles and weather-friendly clothes, such as warm fleece jackets, pants, inner thermal wear, socks, and gloves.

Besides, camping and sleeping gear such as sleeping bag It’s advised to invest in lightweight and durable gear that can withstand the cold temperatures.

Need of Guides and Porters

A certified guide can provide you with not only navigational support but also medical assistance and motivation. Guides are the expertise of the local region, including weather, trail, and also the landscape, so your navigation will be very safe.

In case of emergencies, guides help you get immediate supervision from doctors or professionals, which also reassures your safety.

Besides, porters help you carry your loads of gear during this trek. It will minimize the physical burden and allows you to focus on the journey.

Importance of Acclimatization

As a beginner, you must know that altitude sickness is one of the major health hazards during this trek. Acclimatization is the best method to ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.

We offer a couple of acclimatization sessions to our clients during the EBC Trek; one at Namche Bazaar and the next at Dingboche. To stay healthy and adapt to the changing altitude, trekkers must hike gradually. It is suitable if the elevation hike is around 300 to 500 meters per day. Since high altitude locations have lower oxygen levels, you must reward yourself by drinking plenty of water, high energy food, and enough protien.

In addition, if you monitor any symptoms like nausea, dizziness, headache, and fatigue, you must consult your doctor and descend to a lower altitude.

Cost | Can a Beginner Trekker Afford EBC Trek?

At Himalayan Dream Treks, we offer the Everest Base Camp Trek package at INR 52,999 per person. It is the standard price of your journey, which includes all the safety assurance, logistics, transportation, and accommodation services. So there is nothing much to worry from the safety point of view after you book this package with us.

But we do recommend you to go through your necessities and expectations from this trek so that you can minimize your budget. The cost of permits varies depending on the season and duration of the trek. During the peak seasons like Spring and Autumn, it is relatively higher, while seasons like monsoon and winter costs you cheaper. However, off season treks are not considered safe, so it is advised to book your trek during Spring and Autumn, if you are a beginner.


Overall, if you are a beginner trekker, you can go for the Everest Base Camp Trek for sure. Despite being a challenging trek, it is still possible to do it with proper preparation, training, and professional guidance. Focusing on physical and mental fitness, choosing right gear and equipment, prioritizing acclimatization, and packing first aid kits and other preparatory methods are widely recommended.

With a proper plan of all these aspects, beginners can go for the Everest Base Camp Trek and enjoy the unforgettable journey to the lap of the highest peak in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the EBC Trek?

It usually takes around two weeks to complete the EBC Trek from Kathmandu. An additional day might be added to commute to Kathmandu from India.

Do I need to hire a guide for the EBC Trek as a beginner?

Hiring a guide is a compulsory thing to do for EBC Trek whether you are a beginner or a professional trekker. Nepal Tourism Board does not provide any permits for solo travelers in the Everest Region due to safety issues.

When should I go for the EBC Trek?

As a beginner, we recommend you to do the EBC Trek during the peak trekking seasons; Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November). During these timeframes, the weather conditions are stable with high chances of clear and transparent visibility.

How should I prepare for altitude sickness during the trek?

Acclimatization is an ideal method to prepare for altitude sickness during the Everest Base Camp Trek. Ascend gradually, intake a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and take sufficient rest, so that your body can adapt well into the higher altitudes.

Where can I get the entry permits for EBC Trek?

If you are already in Nepal, you can obtain trekking permits for EBC Trek from Nepal Tourism Board. Also, it can be acquired from the Monjo checkpost just below the Namche Bazaar.

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