Why Do People Trek? Benefits of Trekking?

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Written by: Sangeeta Pandey
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Trekking is similar to physical exercise/activity, which has several health benefits and enjoyment. People trek because:

They are nature lover: Most people are nature lovers at heart and love spending time in nature to self-reflect and to have a peaceful time.

Many people live in metro cities and places where they hardly can enjoy time in nature due to too much urbanization & commercialization so they come to trek so that they can detox and enjoy clean & clear nature in the mountains.

They are adventure lover: Some people have adventure goals set for themselves; hence, they like to trek. They love adventures, consider them one of their personal achievements, and make their trekking checklist.

Benefits of Trekking

It impacts our overall well-being and social/cultural awareness, and there are several benefits of trekking, as explained below:

1. Physical Health:

It can improve fitness levels, blood pressure & cholesterol levels and enhance muscular strength & resilience. It also helps in weight balance and improving immunity. It improves blood circulation flow and breathing as well.

2. Mental Health:

Trekking can uplift mood and happiness, reducing anxiety and mental stress by closely connecting us to nature. The fresh air surrounded by natural colors, gives a very peaceful environment to reflect on oneself and gain new perspectives about life.

3. Social and cultural benefits:

Beyond health benefits, trekking has social & cultural benefits as well. While trekking, we get to meet many new people from diverse backgrounds, cultures & religions, which helps increase our understanding of people.

It also improves our social & general knowledge about that particular state, country, and its ancient traditions.

Trekking impacts various aspects of our lives, such as physical and mental health, networking opportunities, increased social & cultural awareness, and detox from digital life and city pollution.

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Sangeeta Pandey

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