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Himalayan Dream Treks is a mission-driven outdoor adventure company. The aim is to make destinations that aren’t always found on standard maps available to people who enjoy visiting new locations. Outdoors Enthusiasts will enjoy some of the best outdoor travel opportunities in the Indian Himalayas – lush valleys, craggy mountains, high altitude cold deserts, winding rivers, thick forests – a smorgasbord of sensory experiences that can only be found in the outdoors.

Why Choose Us

Exp. Trek Guide

We are a community of people from the Indian Himalayas, mostly from different villages. We have a team of qualified and professional guides/trip leaders on board. The majority of the instructors have received their training from well-known mountain schools.

Affordable Rates

We believe in affordable trekking, not money-making. Our founder Sobendra Singh believes in making relationships, not gaining profit. Due to in-house equipment & an in-house team, we are able to provide affordable rates to our clients. Due to these reason clients love us.

Best Equipments

To ensure great delivery, our team is ably supported by our infrastructure. We have a large fleet of rafts, service vehicles, imported cycles, top-of-the-line camping and climbing equipment, as well as offices to assist you in planning and booking your trips.

Memorable Moments

From The Founder

My journey began in the quaint town of Uttarkashi, where the towering Himalayas framed my everyday view. I always used to wonder what these peaks look like from their summits? What mysteries lie beyond their majestic façade? 

As I grew, I found work at a local guest house, a job born out of necessity to support my family. Fate, however, had different plans for me. It was here, amidst travelers and adventurers, that I crossed paths with students from the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM). Their gear and adventurous zeal ignited a spark within me and I decided to set my sights on a mountain-centric career, one filled with the thrill of exploration but financial constraints posed hurdles on my dreams of pursuing the Basic Mountaineering Course (BMC) and Advanced Mountaineering Course (AMC). 

For nearly a decade, my life revolved around the bustling hospitality industry. Yet, in 2015, a daring leap of faith changed my trajectory. I bid farewell to my stable job and returned to the embrace of the Himalayas. As a freelance guide and porter, I spent two years honing my skills, ultimately realizing my dream by completing the BMC and AMC courses that had once seemed out of reach. 

In 2018, I established my own trekking agency in Uttarkashi. Alongside my dedicated team, my primary mission is to open the doors to the Himalayan paradise for everyone. I believe that these mountains hold not only unmatched beauty but a spiritual essence and boundless adventure. 

Our journey from passionate individuals to founders of Himalayan Dream Treks has been one of determination, perseverance, and unwavering belief. Today, we invite you to join us in making your own Himalayan dream come true, just as we turned ours into a reality in 2018.

About Himalayan Dream Treks



Our founder Mr. Sobendra Singh is an outdoor enthusiast & wanderlust nature person. Continuously working hard for the growth of Himalayan Dream Treks. He had dreamed of showing people the beauty of the Himalayas. He had complete both Basic & Advanced mountaineering course from ABVIMAS and NIMAS, respectively. 



Arvind is a community-focused individual driven by a mission to bolster local economies. His dedication shines through as he aims to create employment opportunities, putting Uttarakhand’s hidden treks on the global radar. Though not an avid trekker, his occasional participation speaks volumes about his commitment. By curbing migration and fostering unity, Arvind’s efforts illuminate the potential for positive change beyond personal interests.

Veeru Rana

Veeru Rana – Operations

Sheetal – Coordinator and Trainer

Minakshi Negi – Coordinator

Sangeeta Mahant – Assistant Trek Leader

Umed Singh – Assistant Guide

Manmohan Bhatt – Guide

Mahesh Pandit – Guide

Angkami Sherpa – HAP

Uttam Rana – Cook

Manvinder Rana – Cook

Manoj Chauhan – Assistant Cook

Manni – Helper

Ganesh Rawat – Cook

Anand Chauhan – Assistant Cook

Anurag Bhatu – Content Creator

Bhuvi Uniyal – Marketing Executive